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Blue Haven Ranch


Discipling, Empowering and Giving Hope to Expecting Mothers



Our gospel centered, farm-therapy ranch will be a long-term maternity and postpartum home in DFW for pregnant mothers in crisis. We want to provide a safe and secure environment for the moms and any children they already have to welcome this new baby into their lives. And then, through the power of nature, community and counseling we will enable these women to take back control of their lives to change the future for themselves and their families.  



We are prayerfully seeking the right location in DFW for starting our ranch; please join us in prayer! We are so excited to begin this vision we have held in our hearts for many years and now we have everything we need to get started; we just need the land! We will keep you updated here on our next steps once we find the right place for us. Thank you! 

Aubrey Schlackman, Founder



Do you have any questions or comments?  Would like to partner with us, donate or get involved?  If so, we'd love to connect!

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